What can I do to stop my Six Month Smiles braces going yellow?

Hi There, I am getting a six month smile brace after a long time pondering whether I should or not, my main concern being that I’ve read online that they stain really easy and go yellow! Is this correct and also there are hardly any pictures of people wearing them is this because it looks awful Iam just really worried what it will look like and if it stains will it make me look like I have got yellow teeth for six months 🙁 also can a treatment sometimes be quicker longer than six months thank you
Hi and thanks for your question. There are numerous case where this has indeed happened yet the effects can be minimised in a number of ways such as the following:

1) You need to avoid foods with high colourant- this is the case with any brace but especially this type.  2) a whitening pen from chemist will reduce this and finally 3) they tend to be changed every 4 weeks anyway so if they do stain it will only be for this period of circa 1 month not six. I would finish by saying this is a brilliant tooth straightening technique as you will have seen on the pictures of people’s results no doubt.

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