What effects does a brace have on your facial features?

hi, Dr Hutchinson can you please tell me the effects that a brace has on the patients face please? this may sound weird indeed I know but still. I have had my braces of for about a week now and people have mentioned that I look a bit gaunt? I have always been really slim- never properly skinny but my face has always been really defined so to speak, now though- and I have noticed it myself but hadn’t paid it too much attention as I was happy to have my brace off but my face does seem slimmer? it might not be anything to do with the braces but I have never changed my diet and after checking it seems I haven’t lost any weight, so it lead me to believe it was down to this,? could you potentially shed some light on the situation please. tah

…by the way I cannot leave my teeth alone!

It could be the fact that you may have lost weight as eating is more difficult with braces on but you say you havent lost weight. The only other suggestion I have is that you do not close your mouth as much/touch your teeth – this would make your face longer and stretch the skin more hence the gaunt look. If the effect is noticeable after only a week of braces then this is probably the reason as the teeth will have not moved much.
Thats the thing with braces – it gives you Obsessive Compulsive Disease focusing on your teeth – any everyone else’s as well !
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