What is the best treatment to straighten my mildly crooked teeth?

Dr, I think I am going to require braces as my teeth have stared to cross. a few years ago it wasn’t all that bad but over the last couple of months my teeth seem to have slipped if you will and appear to have moved more than they have in the last year or so! I want to stop it before it continues as hopefully that is possible. from your experience what is the best method of treatment for teeth that have just started to cross and are not yet that bad? I want to be able to hav the best treatment I can and at twenty three Im going to have to pay no matter what so I’m certainly not paying out to have the old fashioned ones as they’re disgusting! could you please advise, thank you in advance for any reply
Thank you for your question, Your answer is Six Month Smiles, with very little doubt!!! Google it and you will see why . It is quick and very discreet. Regards, Anoop Maini
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