What is the cost of invisible braces?

I am a 35years old mother of 3 and I am currently in Nigeria but will be back in the Uk soon. My teeth is similar to the picture 7 of your gallery. What type of braces did you use and the cost? I am very worried because I can’t smile and it has given me a huge inferiority complex. I have seen other dentists here but I am not confident that they will do a good job. Please advice me on the braces, is invisalign or the hidden braces. Thanks fro your help as I await your reply. Thanks!
Thank you for your question.

The braces were the latest technology low friction type which allows minimal discomfort in the fastest treatment time.
All costings are done according to the initial presentation and work involved and that would need to be worked out for you. It is also dependent on how invisible the brace is. Generally the more invisible, the more they cost!

I suggest you get a consultation with a Specialist Orthodontist who can provide all forms of treatment ranging from the mild to the most complex treatment. Then you can work out what brace is best for you to get to your desired end result.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any further questions.

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