What is the quickest and most effective tooth straightening brace for me?

I am considering having my upper & lower teeth straightened.
My main problem is one of the front lower teeth has over time been forced back, resulting in my bite not lining up correctly, as they have become a bit scattered.
Also a slight gap in my upper front teeth but my main concern is my right canine sticks out a bit from the others and is also slightly higher up in the gum and a yellowy colour, compared with the other teeth.

What type of brace would be the quickest, less visible AND most effective for me?
Please help!

I look forward to your response.


There are many braces that are available to you. From what you have described a fixed brace, Visible or invisible would be best with the kind of tooth movement that you seem to need.

Go get yourself an orthodontic consultation with a Specialist Orthodontist that provides all treatments and then you can decide what is best for you.

Good luck

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