What kind of treatment should I expect for overlapping teeth?

Hi Ian I thought Id ask you this as you are a specialist. I need braces and am not bothered which set I end up with really although if its possible I would like to avoid train track braces (if not I’m not bothered but it would be nice to do so). the problem I have is tha my lower teeth are much more overlapped than my upper teeth which are only mildly crossed, the thing is if i leave them longer the top teeth will just become more overlapped so I decided to take action quickly. what I want to know is whether the fact that the to arches are clearly at varying degrees of overlapping would be a problem. will i end up with the top brace being taken off and keeping the botom one on for longer or what? cheers Dr
Tricky one to answer without photos- it is possible to have more crowding in the lower arch than the upper and it not to be a problem. Usually the braces come off together but if one arch needs a significantly more time then I usually start with that arch first and pick up the mild one later and then both finish together.the reason othoften come off together is that you can control the bite better, but there are times when I will take the paper off as I know it’s good and will not create any problems – basically never say never and keep the options open as teeth can often be stubborn and ot move as the books say they should!
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