What options do I have to fix a gummy smile?

Hello Mr Thorne. I need your advice on smiles. I have a really gummy smile and have had enough of this. I have looked online for potential solutions and have consistently seen botox used to resolve the issue. the thing is and correct me if i’m wrong but I thought this was more short term with several coursses needed?? regardless off this is wasn’t planning on having botox. I was wondering if there is a brace/orthodontic treatment I can have to help? I would prefer this as it seems like more of a permanent solution. I’d be greatful for any return on this, thank you 🙂
There are several types of treatment to correct gummy smiles
1. Botox to lower the upper lip – this is simple and quick but as you say needs repeating (usually every 4-6 months)
2. A lip repositioning – a small surgical procedure on the inside of the upper lip but gives similar (but permanent) results to the Botox
3. A gum lift (where some gum is removed) this may require veneers on the teeth depending on how much gum is removed
4. Some fixed braces can push the teeth slightly upwards (but only a small amount and not usually as much gum reduction as options 1-3.
I’d suggest a cosmetic dentist consultation to discuss the best option for you.
Good luck
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