What should I expect from an orthodontic consultation?

Hello RAha. I like a lot of people have decided I have to have braces, so i assume thats the first step. the realisation. now however I need to decide what braces I am going to need. I know at some stage I will need an appointment and have a dentist look at my situation. could i ask though what will happen in these consultations what, If I came to your dental suit for example would you be thinking and checking for when determining whether a patient will be able to have, lets say a Damon brace as I am keen on these systems? I will do anything to not have a fixed traditional brace so any help would be greatley appreciated. thank you
At the consultation appointment, the dentist would assess the health of your mouth, teeth, gums, soft tissues, assess your bite, crowding or spacing etc. Only after a thorough clinical and radiographical examination, can the dentist give you a full diagnosis and give you treatment options and costs.
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