What treatment can I have for my chipped tooth so I can wear a brace?

When I was about 13 I chipped my front tooth and because I was so young my dentist put porcelain over it and over another tooth that was supposedly chipped. Now being 19 the porcelain has chipped a little and, being originally discoloured but is now very discoloured . I want the unnecessary porcelain taken off my one canine and a cap on my front tooth and my teeth whitened.I need the crown to cover my chipped tooth. Would i then be able to have a brace? I will be getting my teeth whitened but I don’t know whether I can a) have the crown before the brace and b) have the tooth whitening before or after. For such a seemingly small problem I am having to go through all this, could you please pass me any knowledge of this situation? thankyou
Gluing brackets to a new crown is not a great idea

You may be better to place a temporary crown first then have braces , whiten the teeth then replace the temporary crown with the final crown .

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