What treatment would you suggest for my gapped front teeth?

Hello Doctor,

I am looking to treat myself to a set of braces and after seeing that recent picture of Holly Willoughby would like a pair of her braces. I think they were 6 months smiles could these be used in the treatment of large gap between my two front teeth? I so not have any other problem just this so could you suggest a general treatment time and price?

I really appreciate any help you can give and thank you very much for your time


six months braces (six months smiles) can be a very successful way of treating a large gap between the front teeth and I have treated many patients with this. The cost starts from £1900 depending on complexity of the treatment and general treatment time are between 5-10 months, again depending on complexity.

I would recommend a consultation with a dentist that provides many types of orthodontic treatment so that you can fully explore all your options.
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