Why am I getting headaches and jaw pain?

I get a lot of headaches and my jaw aches a lot, I have an overbite and some of my teeth overlap slightly. What should I do? Do I need braces? If so, will I get them free on the nhs or will I have to go private and pay? My schoolwork is getting distracted because I have headaches all the time, and I know it’s from my teeth because the source of the pain is in my jaw. What can I say to my dentist?
Your tooth position and overbite are one possibility of why you have headaches and jaw ache. Another could be that you are grinding your teeth, such as when concentrating or stressed (such as when studying for exams). If the teeth are in the wrong place this may exacerbate the grinding, so straightening them will help.
I would speak to you dentist and explain what type of headache / jaw ache you get and when it comes on. They should be able to identify if there is a bite problem and refer you for braces if they do not offer it.
Good luck
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