Why are my adult teeth moving out of position and what can be done to straighten them?

Hello Dr Patel.
I’ve been noticing some change with my teeth recently as some of the top and bottom teeth are moving and becoming dislodged slightly and its causing the other teeth to move out of place and i’m afraid soon, all my teeth with of moved out of place and have all become crooked. Do you think I need a brace to straighten them out or do you think removing one of the teeth to give the others more room would help. If you think a brace is the answer i’m concerned about what affect this will have on my work life. Do you know of any less noticeable braces? Also, could you shed some light on why this might be happening now at 34? Thank you
This is not uncommon and the thirty somethings are the biggest growing group of patients seeking better tooth alignment. It is happening as tooth movement is an ageing process but can be minimised with retainers to hold them in a good position. Firstly you will need to get some braces to correct the issues then retainers to hold onto the result. I suggest a comprehensive orthodontic consultation to find out your options and then take it for there.
Good luck
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