Why aren’t my braces off after two years of treatment?

I Have fixed orthadontics systems fitted to both rows of my teeth. I am absolutely hate them and have for the duration of my treatment, I will live though because I know its all about the end result and im happy to wait it out to see this. the problem is that When I had my initial assesment before the braces were actually fitted I was told that my treatment time was predicted to be around 20-24 months to close gaps in my gap teeth. We’ve just passed 24 months and the teeth have not yet closed I wanted to ask you If You knew how long it should take for traditional braces to close a consistent gap of initially about 2mm Id say in the treatment time I’d say its just about halved that gap- which in theory leads me into another two years of braces which isn’t happening no matter what the end result? what are your thought on this situation please I fell like the dentist isn’t taking me seriously.
It’s difficult to say how long this would take without seeing you or your original tooth position, as often other teeth need to be moved to make space (or moved into new spaces), plus your bite affects the way we can move teeth. It is however very unlikely to take another 24 months. I would recommend speaking your dentist directly for an update and how he feels things are progressing.
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