Will I have a gap in my mouth after my tooth extraction?

Hi I’m just wondering if I need braces because I recently had a dentist appointment and he was looking at my teeth and said it looked a bit overcrowded. I have like a vampire tooth sticking out which he noticed and he said would I like it taking out? Does it bother me? And I said no it doesn’t bother me. Recently though, I have come to realise that I feel uncomfortable when I smile because of that tooth. So I’m thinking if I get that tooth out will it just leave a gap or will my dentist give me braces?
If your smile makes your feel uncomfortable I would definitely look at your treatment options to improve this. However taking a tooth out is a drastic decision and one we always try and avoid if possible. I would therefore consider braces but seek a second opinion if you need the tooth out or whether some advanced orthodontic treatment may give you the solution you are looking for.
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