Will my veneers and tooth extractions affect my chance of having brace treatment?

Dear Sharon, I am 48 years old and have always dreamed of having straight teeth but through the years it has always been put aside for another day, until now… I have seen an advert on Inman alligner braces or STb Lingual Braces. If I have 2 veneers, one either side of my two front teeth and 2 extractions at the top towards the back, in your experience would I be possibly unsuitable for brace work?
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It’s great that you have now decided to take the plunge and treat yourself to orthodontic treatment. You may well be suitable for orthodontics from what you describe.

As you are mentioning specific appliances I’m assuming that you would like my comments on these as well as an answer regarding your veneers and missing teeth. I cannot comment on whether either of these would be appropriate for you but I would say that you should resist the temptation to select your own braces based on advertising – the two you mention are used for minor detailing of the positions of front teeth – this may be your best option or you may achieve a far superior result with other appliances that you are not necessarily aware of.

The orthodontic market is like any other. There are a range of suppliers all promoting their products, some to just Specialist Orthodontists, some to both specialists and general dentists, others primarily to general dentists and some to both types of clinicians as well as the general public. Your search for the results you’re looking for should start with identifying a Specialist Orthodontist who you believe will understand what you want to achieve and has the expertise and experience to deliver that for you. Once you have made that decision you can relax knowing that they will choose the right brace technology to deliver that result for you, taking into account all your concerns. This will, of course, be done in consultation with you and with regard to your wishes and lifestyle.

As to the second part of your question I treat many patients who have both veneers and spaces that need closing or filling with implants or partial dentures. If you do have spaces, your Specialist Orthodontist will be very keen to ensure that you end up with a comfortable and healthy bite at the end of treatment that will provide you with adequate lip support to keep you looking younger longer. They should have a discussion with you to let you know whether that will involve bringing your teeth together to close the space or leaving the space and using an implant or bridge to fill the gap if needed.

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