Will six month smile be able to fix flared teeth?

Hello Anoop,

I have noticed the website picture of the lady you treated had slightly flared teeth, which you successfully corrected.
Did the lady have flared teeth?
My first six upper and lower incisors are flared, due to a tongue thrusting habit I had as a child. I do not want to have tooth extractions.
Would the six month smile be effective in treating me? I was really impressed with how the treatment that was carried out worked so well. How much does the treatment cost?


Hello there. thank you for your comments. The answer to your question is yes, If the teeth are flared and we are able create room with some minor filing betwen the teeth in order to narrow them, then Six Month Smiles can be used and would be a good option indeed. As for costs treatment starts from around £1850. I hope this has one some way to helping you. Anoop.
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