Will six month smiles bring a high tooth down?

Hi Anoop. I live in London and I have a query about braces. I have a high tooth above my right upper incisor. its in place of the tooth behind it and is very unsightly. aside from this I also have small gaps between the rest of my teeth. I have been trying to short-list some brace systems since I found out there was essentially more than just train tracks. the problem is they’re all meant to do so much that this is almost impossible. I could only cross off the inman aligner and the invisalign treatments as the problem is located on my upper jaw and requires the teeth to go in both directions not just sideways. considering this and the remaining brace systems. I then saw the six month smiles and wondered to myself whether i could have the problems with my teeth sorted in six months! this was exciting but i wanted to know if I would fit the criteria for this type of treatment.
Six month smiles is a highly capable system . The short treatment times is because the system focuses on correcting teeth in the smile only and will not change the bite of back teeth, I hope this of some help but it is hard to say exactly without seeing you personally. Anoop
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