Would I be able to have a brace and a crown at the same time?

When I was about 13 I chipped my front tooth and because I was so young my dentist put porcelain over it and over another tooth that was supposedly chipped. Now being 19 the porcelain has chipped a little and, being originally discoloured but is now very discoloured. I want the necessary porcelain taken off my one canine and a cap on my front tooth and my teeth whitened. I need the crown to cover my chipped tooth. Would I then be able to have a brace? I will be getting my teeth whitened but I don’t know whether I can a) have the crown before the brace and B) have the tooth whitening before or after. For such a seemingly small problem I have to go through all this, could you please pass me any knowledge of this situation? Thank you
It sounds like you have something called composite bonding (white filling material) rather than porcelain placed. This is easier to replace initially but you may want to consider porcelain work once your teeth are straight and whitened as this often has a longer lifespan. You can have a crown and whitening before or after braces. I usually suggest that an initial improvement (suchas changing the bonding in your case) is carried out before braces and then after the teeth are straight, whiten them and place the final crowns / porcelain work.
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