Would I be better going to a private clinic or an NHS dentist for a brace?

Hi there Dr Hutchinson I have used this site and been on your personal site through this several times. I previously asked you a question about another issue I had with braces and found your information very helpful …so I’m back, hope you don’t mind 😀 I am twenty-one and my HC1 certificate has just expired but I don’t think this would’ve actually helped me in terms of paying/not paying for braces anyway. Naturally like a tool I now decide to have braces- but purely because this is the best time for me to do so, I have been thinking though would it be better to have braces fitted at a NHS dentist regardless of the fact that I will have to pay or better to go to a private clinic to receive treatment? would there be much difference in terms of quality of the final outcome treatments involved and the cost of having the treatment done in the first place? what would you recommend and what would you look at in terms of clinics when trying to choose one? thanks
Te majority of orthodontists provide nhs and also private treatment. The result should be the same. If you go to a purely private clinic then it is often much nicer, calm and not as manic as nhs! The prices can vary – some clinics charge more than nhs clinics for the ‘environment’. We don’t as we simply like working in nice surroundings! I it’s a pain and additional cost but I firmly believe in shopping around- go and see two orthodontists and compare costs etc, also telephone some as you will know what braces you need. Then go on gut instinct and the one you like

There is never a right answer, sorry !

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