Would I have to have my protruding canine removed before proceeding with braces?

hi there adam, my problem is that i have a very twisted tooth the protrudes (canine) and the rest of my teeth are slightly out of place…i think i can get them fixed with braces. As i am 24 i’ want private treatment, i like the NHS but don’t like the look of the fixed braces. Do you think the canine would have to be removed before i have the braces? I’m really hoping some private treatments can help me! I’m due for an appointment next week but i am petrified of needles…i don’t want to have it extracted. Any advice would be great. thank you for your time. 
Hi thanks for your question. We would always try not to extract the canine if possible as this is a front tooth, in fact you may not need any extractions at all as there are otherways of creating space to fit all the teeth in. I would discuss your concerns at your consultation and see what your treatment options are.
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