Would the fact that I’ve had a lot of dental procedures affect the chances of me having a brace?

I have a situation? i think i nee braces but am told basically your teeth have to be in good order before i can, this provides me with the situation, i have a crown and two fillings the crown is where my second molar is and the fillings both on the first molar all on the top shelf. however I have gaps in my front teeth on top and crowding on the bottom I therefore need the bottom pulling apart and the top pulling together, would the fact that I have had these dental procedures make a difference to the requirements needed to have a brace? i think my gums are in good health there’s no redness or anything, my dentist was worries about my teeths health as I from the Philippines where tooth health is poor. can you advise me please, thank you
As long as you are deemed dentally fit (all dental decay/disease is treated) by your dentist, you could have braces. You will require a consultation once you have had the check up.
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