Would you be able to fix my crooked front and bottom teeth in six months?

Dr.Patel, I have been researching the “Six-Month Smile” and seeing your case studies and reading up on you, I hope you can help me! But…I may be a challenge. I had braces twice in my life; in my teens and again early 20’s. I am now 50 and notice my front top teeth moving, and the bottom 4 front have always been crooked. Can you fix them in 6 months? And the challenge of all… is that I live in the Caribbean! But, I travel to the UK twice a year. I plan to be there for 6 weeks from mid-June. If I send you pictures, can you look and perhaps help me. As I get older, my face is not as full, and my teeth more prominent and I want to at least age with a pretty smile!
I eagerly look forward to hearing from you.
Anything is possible, even when you have had 2 courses of treatment. The biggest challenge here will probably be the distance issue! The best thing to do at this stage would be to have an orthodontic consultation to assess exactly what needs to be done. After this you can make a decision on what you would like to do taking into account the various treatment options that may be available. I am sorry to not be any clearer but as you can imagine its not a scenario we come across very often.
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