Find a Dental Brace Provider in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is Scotland's third largest city, with a population of 210,400 and lies to the North Eastern coast of the country. Known generally as an industrial town, Aberdeen is also home to a number of outstanding orthodontic practitioners, who can provide you with the treatments required to correct overbites, underbites, crooked teeth and gaps.

Braces are not the clunky, uncomfortable metal things of old and today there are many systems that utilise materials such as plastic and ceramic, for a greater level of discretion and comfort. Aligners, including Invisalign and Clearstep, are virtually invisible to the naked eye and allow for orthodontic correction without the awkwardness of thick, metal wires. Fixed braces have also undergone a transformation and systems such as 6 Month Smiles provide effective treatment for a number of orthodontic problems, but use tooth coloured brackets and wires, for a greater level of discretion.

There are a number of talented orthodontic practitioners in the Aberdeen area, who can provide you with solutions for problems including buck teeth, underbites and misalignment.

The practices we have featured on this page have been chosen from the Aberdeen region for their excellent customer care, work and results and are recommended for those seeking orthodontic services.