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Altrincham is a town within the borough of Trafford in Greater Manchester, a mere 8 miles away from the City Centre of Manchester. Altrincham is home to some of the country's best orthodontists, who can treat your problems with a great range of modern, innovative brace systems.

Braces have evolved over the last few years and now provide wearers with effective results, as well as a great deal more discretion. Systems such as Invisalign, lingual braces and 6 Month Smiles are almost invisible and are offered along with other advanced or more traditional brace systems from a number of practices within the Altrincham area.

Orthodontic problems such as overbites, crossbites, buck teeth, twisted teeth, crooked teeth and gaps can all be treated by an Altrincham orthodontist. With the amazing range of brace treatments now available every orthodontic condition can be treated and needn't involve the use of visible wires and brackets.

The practices featured above are dentists and orthodontists who we feel offer a greater degree of quality and care and have shown skill and aptitude in the use of both modern and traditional brace systems.