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Coventry is a city situated in the West Midlands. It has a population of 309,800 and is the 9th largest English city. Coventry has two universities; Coventry University, based in the city-centre, and the University of Warwick which is located within the outskirts. It also hosts one of the newest cathedral, which was built after the Second World War after the previous cathedral was bombed during the Blitz.

Coventry is also home to numerous talented and skilled orthodontists, who can provide corrective treatment for many teeth straightening problems.

If you have suffered with jaw misalignment, overbites, underbites, gaps between teeth or crooked teeth, a Coventry orthodontist could provide the treatment you need, to rejuvenate and enhance your smile.

Before brace treatment may have involved thick, clumsy metal wires and years of orthodontic work. Today, braces are made of clear plastic and tooth coloured attachments and achieve the same results as their predecessors within a fraction of the time. Brace systems such as Invisalign, Clearstep, Incognito and Lingual braces provide outstanding results, whilst remaining completely invisible.

If you have been looking for orthodontic treatment in the local Coventry area, the dentists featured on this page may be a great place to start, with each practitioner chosen for their skill, aptitude and brilliant customer care.