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Kent is a county in South-East England and has a population in the region of 1,660,100 people. There are a variety of orthodontic practices throughout Kent's thirteen separate districts.

It is home to a number of dental and orthodontic practices, where it is the ultimate aim to improve each patient's facial appearance and jaw function. Braces in Kent will help to remedy a number of tooth irregularities, including crooked teeth, overbites and underbites, as well as gapped and crowded teeth.

In addition, the selection of braces is so vast today that you can choose to have an orthodontic appliance that is permanent or removable and invisible or hidden, and you can even have treatment done in as little as six months.

Straighter teeth can help boost your self-confidence by creating a faultless smile, while also having a positive effect on functions such as speech and chewing.

Teeth straightening in Kent can also help reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay, by preventing gaps where plaque can build-up. Also, there is no age barrier and more adults than ever are choosing to take advantage of the discreet and effective systems available today.

There are a majority of orthodontic practices in Kent who offer NHS services, but there are also many private practices who offer the more modern systems, such as Invisalign, Six month smiles and Inman aligners.

If you are in need of braces in Kent then check out the relevant practices listed above.