Find a Dental Brace Provider in London (North)

North London isn't easily defined but generally it is considered as the region north of the Thames, containing the boroughs of Camden, Barnet, Enfield, Hackney, Westminster, Islington and Haringey. The area is also home to a number of orthodontists who can provide treatment for many dental problems, including overbite, crossbite, twisted teeth and crooked teeth.

As your teeth develop and grow, irregularities can occur, which may cause smiles to look gapped, crooked or misaligned. Changes in your mouth as you age may also lead to a less than perfect smile, but today there are a number of options available for the discreet and effective treatment of orthodontic problems.

Clear aligners such as Invisalign and Clearstep use plastic retainers moulded to the shape of your teeth, to straighten smiles while remaining totally unnoticed. Tooth coloured fixed braces such as 6 Month Smiles provide complex orthodontic treatment, whilst remaining a great deal more discreet than traditional metal braces. And for complete invisibility there are lingual braces, which are attached to the back of your teeth where no one can see them.

These braces systems are only ever as good as the dentist who uses them, so it is always advised that you research thoroughly when choosing a practice. To help, we have chosen the best clinics within the North London area, based on their outstanding work, customer service and results.