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The Smile Lounge

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About The Smile Lounge

Orthodontic treatments are available from many dental clinics, but at The Smile Lounge orthodontic procedures aren’t just practiced by dentists; they’re practiced by experts. 

A brace from The Smile Lounge is guaranteed to be discreet, comfortable and effective, with braces available to suit any orthodontic problem. 

The practice offers such innovative brace systems as Damon Braces, Lingual Braces and ceramic braces, which are all incredibly discreet and produce amazing results every time. However, the brace by itself is never enough and it takes a truly skilled orthodontist to create the very best smiles. 

Therefore only the most qualified and highly trained orthodontists practice at The Smile Lounge, so you needn’t suffer poor quality brace work and setbacks to the creation of your beautiful, new smile.  

Not only does The Smile Lounge provide excellent, top quality procedures for orthodontic problems, they also offer a whole range of treatments for the care of other dental conditions. This includes teeth whitening for stained teeth, veneers for chipped teeth and dental implants for missing teeth. 

Every treatment is offered with one thing in mind; bringing your smile to a higher level of brilliance. 

The Smile Lounge also cares about maintaining dental excellence and provides dental education for everyone, to help them avoid decay and infection, which can be so damaging to teeth and smiles. 

The earlier the lessons are taught the better and so The Smile Lounge holds a special group every weekend, dubbed ‘The Kid’s Lounge’, to help children understand the importance of oral health, before they fall into bad dental habits. Educational cartoons and films are shown, along with a tour of the Treatment Room to allow children to familiarise themselves with a dental practice. A free examination is then conducted, which will complete the experience and help build up the confidence of your child in relation to dental visits and hopefully encourage them to maintain good oral health.  

The Smile Lounge is dedicated to all smiles, be they baby teeth smiles, crooked smiles or chipped smiles, The Smile Lounge can provide all of its clients with a treatment to suit their needs and a high level of care to make every visit an enjoyable one. 


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