Find a Dental Brace Provider in Sussex

Sussex is one of the most historically significant counties in England, thought to be one of the first settlements for early European man, the scene of Roman invasions and the point of entry for the French invasive force in the Battle of Hastings. Located to the South East of England, Sussex lies within the area of the ancient Kingdom of Sussex and is surrounded to the north by Surrey, to the east by Kent and to the west by Hampshire, with the English Channel to its south.

Much has advanced in the way of living standards and technology since those early hominid and invasion-ridden times. Sussex inhabitants can now experience all the luxury of modern life with innovative treatment from Sussex orthodontists.

Treatment involving large wires and brackets has now been replaced by clean, clear and removable aligners such as Invisalign, which help patients achieve a straighter smile without the stigma of visible brace treatment.

Fixed braces have also undergone a transformation and for those who require a little extra tooth movement, fixed lingual brace systems such as Incognito and STb Social 6 braces use wires and brackets attached to the back of your teeth. So no one will be able to notice you are having orthodontic work.

Faster treatment times have also been achieved. With brace systems such as 6 Month Smiles and the Inman Aligner, Sussex brace dentists are able to create beautiful smiles in a matter of months.