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One of the top destinations to visit when travelling to Europe, Glasgow is an exciting city for the avid traveller, adrenaline junky and cultural connoisseur. Situated on the river Clyde in the country’s west central lowlands, tourists and locals alike can enjoy a wealth of beautiful sights and fun activities, the city boasting a backdrop of wonderful Victorian architecture, famous art collections and a vibrant and exciting nightlife.

Glasgow is also lucky to be the home of several top-class dental practices, in which a selection of the UK’s finest brace dentists and orthodontists can be found. You can expect the very best in braces treatment, customer service and technology and technique, an epitome that continues throughout much of Glasgow as a city.

Braces dentists in Glasgow offer a number of advanced orthodontic solutions to meet the needs of patients in the community. These include the likes of Invisalign, Invisalign Lite, Six Month Smiles and the Inman aligner, in addition to Damon braces, Clearstep and Simpli5. Patients can also choose from traditional fixed braces and NHS orthodontics is also accessible.

Not only is there a great selection of braces to be found in Glasgow, the dentists themselves are amongst the most respected in the UK. Orthodontic irregularities able to be remedied by braces dentists in Glasgow include crooked teeth, crowded teeth and tooth gaps, as are issues related to open bites, closed bites and crossbites.