After Braces

For most people, having braces fitted is a smooth process from your first consultation, to being told that you no longer need a retainer. Occasionally, you may suffer minor damage to the brackets or wires or there may be some discomfort after fitting and tightening, but these are likely to be the only complications you suffer. Once you've had the braces removed, the onus is definitely on you as the patient to continue wearing your retainers for the correct number of hours per day to prevent a relapse. Otherwise, you may need to have braces attached all over again.

Further Treatment

Sometimes, as the patient, you may feel that your teeth haven't moved much during the course of your treatment and you might think it is too soon for them to be removed. Rest assured that your orthodontist will only suggest removing the braces if he feels there is nothing more to be achieved by keeping them on – and he won't suggest taking them off too early either.  There are rare cases when braces are not enough to correct serious overbites or underbites and surgery may be necessary. It is likely that your orthodontist will spot this possibility at your first consultation and mention it. If this is the case, it is important to find a surgery that can take care of any dental work you need as well as your braces. You may find that whatever movement you get with braces is enough to keep you and your orthodontist happy, both in terms of the cosmetic effect and the implications for later in life.

If you want to go all the way and finish off your treatment, discuss in detail with your orthodontist what is involved and what results you can expect so you are not disappointed. It is a big step to take if you are not going to be happy with the final smile. If it turns out that you do need surgery, don't think of the months you spent with braces on as wasted time. After all, your teeth will have moved and will be much improved from the starting point. Some teeth may be in the correct place and the braces may also have made any surgery you do need much easier to carry out.

As with any dental treatment, speak to several orthodontists before making a decision on treatment and make sure you get plenty of quotes for what could end up being a very expensive procedure.