Pros and Cons

Are Braces For You?

There are many advantages to having treatment with braces, especially the modern cosmetic types that are virtually invisible. You can have your crooked or gapped smile corrected without anyone even knowing you have braces fitted! Of course, there are also disadvantages with this kind of dental treatment, though most are only short-term problems.


  • The most significant positive is that you will get your teeth and smiles fixed, so they are straight and leave no gaps. This may not just be for cosmetic reasons, as crooked or displaced teeth can also cause discomfort or lead to problems in later life.
  • Nowadays, there is an alternative to the large metal “train tracks” of old, with companies like Invisalign producing a clear plastic alternative to the original ugly models.
  • Progress has been made with removable braces too, so that sometimes they can be used instead of fixed systems. Children who are worried about being bullied can have their smile fixed with no-one knowing they have braces fitted.
  • Modern styles of braces have less impact on your daily life, causing less discomfort and not affecting speech so significantly.
  • Treatment times have shrunk with the emergence of new technology which in turn saves the patient money on expensive equipment and orthodontist appointments.


  • These modern, aesthetically pleasing alternatives to standard braces do come at a price and will cost more than if you choose to have the old models fitted.
  • Even with new technology, treatment can take many months and many appointments; depressing if you feel you are seeing no difference in your smile.
  • There is the risk, especially with fixed braces, that teeth will be damaged by tooth decay, making brushing even more important for patients with braces.
  • Finally, although modern styles of braces are smaller and less intrusive, they have not managed to eradicate the pain and discomfort of having braces fitted. There is no doubt that any pain you feel with braces like Invisalign or Damon is less and does not last as long, but there is still some discomfort just after having had them fitted and again after braces are tightened or replaced with tighter models.
  • Speech can be affected slightly, though research by the manufacturers claims this is kept to a minimum.

Make the Right Choice

Depending on the problem with your teeth, you may not have much choice as to which model of braces you have fitted. Serious problems may require fixed braces whether you want them or not. However, despite the small disadvantages afforded by these newer styles of braces, the positive effect of having a neat and straight smile for the rest of your life is worth any inconvenience the fitting or financing may cause.