Dental Braces Providers in the UK

Orthodontic problems can range from crooked teeth to overbites and gapped teeth to overjets and can cause much discomfort and awkwardness. However, with today's innovative brace systems available in the UK you are sure to find a solution to your orthodontic condition.

These modern brace systems available in the UK include highly discreet braces, such as Invisalign, Simpli5 and ClearStep and fast acting removable devices including the Inman Aligner. Fixed braces have also undergone a makeover and now feature tooth coloured wires and brackets, like those used by Damon Braces and 6 month smiles, or can be fixed to the back of the teeth for complete invisibility, as used by lingual braces.

Before the invention of such devices, braces were generally avoided by the adult demographic, who felt that orthodontic work and thick, metal braces were only suitable for teenage mouths. However, this idea has increasingly vanished with many adults opting for discreet orthodontic treatment for the correction of their dental problems. Modern braces have also found a celebrity following, with the likes of Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise and Holly Willoughby all turning to braces to enhance their smiles.

If you suffer from crooked teeth, twisted teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites or gapped teeth, among many other orthodontic problems, then a modern brace could make a world of difference to your smile.