Braces for Adults

Recent figures suggest that about 25% of the braces wearing population are adults, many of whom have actually chosen to have orthodontic treatment later in life. Some have decided to wait so they are in a better position financially to pay for the braces that they would like to wear, rather than have the standard NHS “train tracks” forced on them, while others were just too afraid of the social consequences or discomfort as a teenager to go through with the treatment. If you have put off having orthodontic treatment for some time, it is important that you do something about it before it is too late. Crowding or teeth that are out of position can lead to pain and even an increased chance of developing gum disease in later life.

Popular Types of Braces

Many adults have the same concerns about how attractive or otherwise they will look with braces as teenagers. Luckily, most young adults with minor problems can be treated with one of the modern systems which minimise the impact on your smile while undergoing treatment and also make it easier to look after your teeth and gums. If you decide to go for fixed braces, you can choose to have them fitted on the rear of your teeth next to your tongue or to use ceramic brackets and coloured wire. Invisalign is a system of clear plastic retainers that are replaced every few weeks and are virtually invisible. These should work well with adults who will often do a better job of remembering to keep their braces and retainers in place and not be tempted to take them out too often.


Adults who think they might need braces should arrange a consultation with a local orthodontist to see if they agree and if they are happy to go ahead with the treatment. If you are concerned, it might be worth finding a surgery that has experience of treating adults with braces rather than just teenagers and young people. They may even be able to put you in touch with previous patients who could help put your mind at rest that the process is worth it. Once you have agreed on the type of braces you want and the price, you will be fitted for the necessary equipment. After that, you just have to make sure you follow the orthodontist's instructions and do your best to keep your teeth and gums healthy to make the most of your new smile when the braces come off. Braces have much less social stigma for both teenagers and adults these days; indeed many celebrities have had braces fitted as adults including Gwen Stefani and Tom Cruise.