Invisalign Teen Braces

invisalign teen braces

Invisalign Teen Braces are a clear plastic alternative to fixed metal braces, which fit easily onto the teeth and can be removed for brushing or if you have a special occasion when you don’t want to wear them. The braces are suitable for young people aged 12 to 18 years old and are aimed at teens who don’t want the stigma of wearing metal braces while at school or out with friends.

What are the advantages?

The obvious advantage of Invisalign Teen Braces is the fact that they are almost invisible, improving your smile cosmetically while you have on-going dental treatment. Being able to remove the braces makes brushing easier and means you can take them out for playing sports or going out with friends. There is less discomfort than with standard metal braces as the clear plastic fits smoothly onto the teeth and doesn’t run or irritate the inside of the mouth and gums. The treatment is effective, gently moving the teeth into the desired position over one to two years.

What are the disadvantages?

Invisalign Teen Braces are only suitable for certain conditions, such as overbite, crowding and gapping. You should check with an orthodontist to see if the treatment is suitable for you. Because the braces are removable, there is the risk that the patient may be tempted not to wear them frequently, meaning that the treatment may not be effective or will taker longer than anticipated. Experts recommend that patients wear the Invisalign Teen Braces for at least 20 hours a day. Regular trips to the orthodontist are required for new braces to be fitted and the treatment is more expensive than regular braces.

How are they fitted?

Firstly, impressions and photographs of the patient’s teeth are taken by the orthodontist in order for braces to be individually manufactured for your condition. You may only need the aligners on the upper or lower teeth, or perhaps just at the front and not at the back. Either way, only the braces you need will be fitted. You need to return to the surgery every two weeks to have a new set of braces fitted in order for the treatment to progress as planned and so the aligners continue to gently move your teeth.

After the fitting

There are no real side-effects to Invisalign Teen Braces; they cause no irritation in the mouth, brushing is easy and the aligners are virtually invisible. It is important you keep attending your two weekly appointments, otherwise the braces will not be as effective, and wear them for at least 20 hours a day in order to get the smile you want.