STB Light Lingual Braces

Why choose STB Light Lingual Braces?

STB Light Lingual Braces are an advanced system of lingual braces, the design that fix metal brackets and wires to the back of the teeth rather than the front. The brackets used in the STB Light Lingual treatment are smaller, only 1.5 mm in profile. This means that the braces have less impact on speech and swallowing and are less likely to cause irritation in the mouth. The system is suitable for more serious correction work that requires more long-term treatment than clear plastic braces can provide.

What are the advantages?

Aside from the cosmetic advantages of the STB Light Lingual Braces, which are placed hidden behind the teeth, this system is also lighter, smaller and more comfortable than other systems. The brackets are rounded which means the patient will suffer less irritation when the braces are fitted. There is evidence that treatment can take less time than conventional fixed braces, with some patients only needing to wear them for three to five months. The cost may be lower than other specialist fixed braces treatments as the material used is much lighter and therefore cheaper.

What are the disadvantages?

Like any other fixed braces, it can take some time after fitting or tightening to get used to the sensation, especially when speaking or eating. The nature of the STB Light Lingual Braces means that this period of adjustment will not be as long as with standard fixed braces. Compared to regular “train track” braces, the system is more expensive.

How are they fitted?

The STB Light Lingual Braces are fixed in the same way as other permanent fixtures. Impressions and photographs are taken of your teeth before brackets are manufactured especially for your mouth. They are attached to the teeth with cement and the wire is then fed through the brackets and the treatment has begun.

After the fitting

You can start to see results with this system in just a couple of weeks, with treatment sometimes lasting only a few months. As with any fixed braces, there will be a period of adjustment as the patient gets used to the sensation of having the metal fixture in their mouth, It is important to maintain good oral hygiene with the STB Light Lingual Braces. Food can become trapped in the brackets and wire, so you must brush your teeth after every meal, including at work. There are certain foods you should avoid, such as sticky sugary snacks or nuts and popcorn that have small, hard pieces that can get stuck in the metal. Regular appointments with your dentist will help maintain your teeth and prevent decay.