Simpli5 Braces

Simpli5 are clear plastic braces that can be used for minor corrections of the patient’s front teeth. They are less visible than standard metal and plastic retainers and can be removed for eating, brushing teeth or playing sports. They are cheaper than many similar clear braces and treatment can last as little as ten weeks.

What are the advantages?

The obvious advantage of Simpli5 braces is the cosmetic one. Your teeth can be straightened while wearing virtually invisible braces which can be removed whenever you feel you need to; for a social occasion and in order to maintain better oral hygiene. You can also remove them for eating, meaning patients using Simpli5 braces are not subject to the same food restrictions as those with fixed braces. There is less discomfort than with other aligners and little effect on speech; it is difficult to tell if you are wearing braces at all. The treatment is effective, gently moving the teeth into the desired position over a short period of time. Simpli5 can be up to 20% cheaper than other clear retainers.

What are the disadvantages?

Simpli5 are only suitable for minor corrections, mainly the front teeth. If you have more serious problems, removable braces may not be suitable at all. You should discuss with your orthodontist whether you require fixed braces or if clear removable braces like Simpli5 will work for you. They may be cheaper than other clear products, but are still more expensive than standard retainers.

How are they fitted?

Impressions will be taken of your teeth at an early appointment in order for braces to be manufactured for your mouth. Each retainer should be worn for around three to four weeks until you feel the plate starting to get loose. This means it is time to get the next aligner, in order for the treatment to continue effectively. Your orthodontist will ask you to attend regular appointments to check things are progressing well.

After the fitting

It is important you attend your regular appointments for the length of your treatment, which could be between three and five months. Although the Simpli5 Braces are removable, the patient should wear them for at least 20 hour a day, otherwise the retainers will not work as planned. It may be tempting to take them out a lot, but this will just waste time and money and mean that you have to wait longer for your perfect smile. You may feel some slight discomfort after the first fitting, but this should disappear after a few days.