Invisalign Express

NOTE: Invisalign Express has been discontinued and is now known as Invisalign Lite. For more information about this treatment, click here.

What is Invisalign Express?

Invisalign Express works in the same way as other Invisalign aligners, but quicker. It is a treatment that works on mild orthodontic complaints, such as minor crowding and spacing where the teeth do not need to move much. They are most suitable for adults who had braces but whose teeth have relapsed. Like normal Invisalign aligners, Invisalign Express is made up of clear plastic aligners similar to gum shields which slip over the teeth. It uses exactly the same technology as the original Invisalign aligners, creating a digital 3D image of the teeth and a simulation of the movement, combined with custom made aligners.

What are the Advantages of Invisalign Express?

The advantages of the system are the same as with standard Invisalign aligners, but with the added advantage that it can work in a mere five months. The standard Invisalign system works in 12-18 months, but because Invisalign Express is aimed at treating very mild problems it can work much faster. It also means that the treatment only requires around ten aligners, and requires fewer trips to the dentist, all of which brings the cost down considerably. Invisalign Express is virtually invisible, disrupting your everyday life as little as possible. The aligners are also more comfortable to wear than traditional braces, as there are no metal brackets to cause irritation to your gums.

What are the Disadvantages of Invisalign Express?

The main disadvantage is of course that the system only works on very mild orthodontic problems, which means it is only suitable for a limited amount of people. Your dentist will have to take x-rays, photographs and impressions to assess whether or not you are a suitable candidate for Invisalign Express. Though you need fewer aligners with Invisalign Express, they still need to be changed every two weeks while you have the aligners, which can be annoying to some people. Despite being much cheaper than the standard Invisalign system, it is still not a cheap option.

What is the Procedure?

As with standard Invisalign aligners, after your consultation the dentist will need to send photographs and impressions to the Invisalign lab where a digital 3D model will be made of your teeth, and a simulation of their required movement created. The aligners are designed on the basis of the simulation, and custom made to fit you. The dentist will show you the simulation to make sure you understand the process, before giving you instructions on how to wear and look after your aligners.